Thursday, September 20, 2007

Letter Rip

Lettering is making me crazy. Or more precisely lettering made me crazy on Tuesday. I just could not. get. it. right. Matt told me it was fine but it just looked like a big misshapen badly placed blob to me. That, combined with a somewhat frightening health concern combined with a current lack of health insurance, combined with the crazy feeling I get from hours spent trying to interpret health insurance forms so that I might one day (the sooner the better) obtain it, sent me to bed in frustrated tears.

Yesterday, I did not look at it.

Today, I looked with fresher eyes and re-positioned the text and I feel a bit better.

I never thought much about lettering until Matt looked at our most recent comic and said "I've been thinking about lettering." And then all these problems started to jump out at me. Too much space between words. Too much space between lines. Too much room around the sides, or not enough. Poor placement in the panel.

It's frustrating but I know getting the lettering right is a super important step in making my work look professional. It just sucks right now trying to get it all right. I have lettered and re-lettered each panel like three times. And this weekend I decided to re-do all the lettering for the first 11 pages.
But, I mean, then I'll get the hang of it, right?

I'm wearing all green today. It looks really stupid.

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