Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here Comes the Autumn.

Filling up a sketchbook is a good feeling, mais non? Accomplished. That's the last page in the one that spans March through September.
What a goddamn time.

My best friend/sister-from-another-mister told me tonight she is proud of me for all I've accomplished since I moved away. I bawled like a baby.

Friday, August 29, 2008

One more thing

I would like to offer a very special FUCK YOU to the dude who called in to comment on NPR last night, the NPR moderator who validated his opinion, John McCain, and anyone else who has the goddamn nerve to want to ban abortion when, thanks to the organs they happen to possess, they will NEVER themselves be in the position of needing to have one. I invite them to stop into any library or school in Oakland and see exactly what happens when those precious wads of life are born to parents who are not joyful or delighted to have them. I invite them to see what happens when people become parents but don't have the passion required for parenting. I want them to see those miserable kids who can't even adequately express their rage at a system that fucking failed them from the beginning, that insisted they be born but never intended to provide for them. Not food. Not health care. Not education. Not love or guidance. Fuck you for wanting to require that children be born into hell.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Receptions, Recreation, Religion

Hi there.

The move across the Bay Bridge has happened, and the three a-holes* and I are busily cozying into the 300 square feet we now call "home." It's wonderful, people. I went running the other day (no mean feat as I am in one of the hilliest parts of town), and I ran up Nob Hill, down into Chinatown, then back up the Nob and up the steps of Grace Cathedral. I am smitten. Wow. I cannot fucking believe I live here. It's so beautiful I don't know how I'm not dreaming.

I may in fact be. I sleep very poorly. So I'm always tired, and how do I know?

* * * * *
Anyway, the boxes are all unpacked and I am back at the drafting table. I will have TWO new books out at APE this November. One is Florride, and I'm just now finalizing what will go in that. About half the content is finished, the other is written and doodled, with the complex drawing stages yet to go. There's a breakup comic. (Don't we love those?) Some not-so-funnies from the Ranch Clits. A new Debbie story. A Meat Loaf story. And some other things will work their way in, I'm sure. I want to have a new Parrot Cake story but the bitch is not cooperating, we'll see if I can turn her around.

The other book is a new project, and I am so excited about it I could spit. It's called The Single Girls, and it chronicles the cruel romantic adventures of some young women not unlike me and my two dear friends, in a big city not unlike San Francisco. It's gonna be pink. I know, surprise, right?

* * * * *
Thank you to everyone who attended my opening reception on August 24. You can see pictures here. There is another reception, a closer, on Friday, September 5, at The Compound. Totally come if you're in the Bay Area, and if you're not, isn't it high time you were?

* * * * *
I have been thinking about church lately. I have never been a churchgoer, but, well, I walk past a lot of churches. And from my old apartment in Oakland, I could hear the gospel choir on Thursdays and Sundays. It was lovely. Seeing the outside of a church gives me such a nice, peaceful feeling. I like to think about God and religion. I find them comforting.

I don't know why. I was raised agnostic, meaning my parents never said two words to me about religion. When I hit my teen years I had my god crisis like everyone else, but in my case this meant I started to think "hey, maybe there IS a god." I will not decide or make a declaration as to what I know to be untrue but I do know that I like the singing. I like to think about Jesus. I put a lot of angels in my comics. And a lot of whores.

Moi, je ne regrette rien,


PS. Vote for Obama or you're a total asshole.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lovely Reception

The opening reception for my art show is tomorrow afternoon. Sunday, August 24, 12-5. I'll be there in my pretty pink party dress and if you're VERY lucky, I'll have time to make my world famous chocolate chip cookies tonight, and if you're very VERY lucky I will share!

The Compound Gallery
6604 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland

HOW TO GET THERE: I recommend one of three ways.
1) Take BART to Ashby. You can walk from there; head west on Woolsey, which turns into 65th, all the way over to San Pablo---it's just under a mile. If your little legs are too tired for that, there's a cab stand at Ashby BART station.
2) Take BART to 19th St. Oakland. Get on the 72 bus heading north. Get off at San Pablo and 65th.
3) Take BART to Macarthur. Get on the Emery-Go-Round, the BART shopper route (it's the only one that runs on Sundays). Take it to 65th and Powell. Walk east on 65th about six blocks to San Pablo. This is the cheapest option as the Emery-Go-Round is free, although it doesn't run that often on Sundays.

See! That wasn't so bad!
Smell ya there!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art Show and Receptions!


I just got back from hanging art at The Compound and it looks FABULOUS. Major props to Matt and Lena, the Flying Reynosos, for putting together the classiest shows in the Yay Area. Seriously, every bit of art in this gallery is exciting and gorgeous and I am just tickled. I cannot fucking wait for this show to open.

Best of? The refreshment table will be next to my art.
You can just keep on filling and refilling your little plastic wine cup without having to move your feet and break the spell.

Two receptions, cause there's too much hot fabulousness in the room for just one. The opening is Sunday, August 24, from 12-5. Then just for good measure, there's a closing on Friday September 5 from 7-10---that's a First Friday, so open gallery night in Oakland. That address again is 6604 San Pablo Ave. in Oakland.

Please come! I'll want to shake your hand.

Communication Gap

(August 16, 2008-September 8, 2008)

Opening Reception August 24, 2008 12-5pm
Musical Performance by Judgement Day, Anteatereatant, & a special guest.

When we communicate with other people we are often challenged in many ways. Differences in language, gender, and personal experience, all contribute to our diverse nature of understanding and ways of thinking. We express ourselves through a complex system of interaction. Body language, eye contact, touch, and smell are lost over the Internet, phones, and satellite signals-often resulting in communicative misunderstandings.

With so many ways to reach people in our global environment many of us feel disconnected and isolated within this web of communication gaps. Six artists have contributed work that expresses their frustration or joy in human attempts to communicate.

Closing Reception Friday, September 5th, 2008 7-10pm

ARTISTS: Angie Brown, Crystal Morey, Jake Gabel,
Nancy Bach, Patrick Renner & Amanda Jayne Kennedy

Also Showing in our Artist of the Month Gallery: Work by Amy Martin

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Lied

I forgot I needed to scan for a show. I'll be showing work at The Compound, 6604 San Pablo Ave., starting August 24. All new, some never-before-seen, and I'll have prints for sale too.

I know there will be an opening but I don't know when, so keep watching this space, mmkay?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

2005 In Review

Packing to move means sorting through old sketches, notebooks, etc.... And I found this. Ha! Enjoy it kids, it's the last thing I'm scanning for the next two weeks---the scanner's getting packed tonight.