Friday, August 29, 2008

One more thing

I would like to offer a very special FUCK YOU to the dude who called in to comment on NPR last night, the NPR moderator who validated his opinion, John McCain, and anyone else who has the goddamn nerve to want to ban abortion when, thanks to the organs they happen to possess, they will NEVER themselves be in the position of needing to have one. I invite them to stop into any library or school in Oakland and see exactly what happens when those precious wads of life are born to parents who are not joyful or delighted to have them. I invite them to see what happens when people become parents but don't have the passion required for parenting. I want them to see those miserable kids who can't even adequately express their rage at a system that fucking failed them from the beginning, that insisted they be born but never intended to provide for them. Not food. Not health care. Not education. Not love or guidance. Fuck you for wanting to require that children be born into hell.