Sunday, September 7, 2008

And this is what we do

Do you guys like how I keep teasing you with doodles and hinting that something bigger is coming? I sure like it. I'm drawing my ass off these days. Just got a month or so to pull it together.
This is something I keep poking at in my sketchbook. Really, I'd like to do it as a photo shoot, but as I have neither photographer nor giant headdress, doodle it is. For now.

Thanks SO much to all who came to see my work at the Compound Gallery. The closing reception was a lot of fun. And if you missed it, have no fear; I'll be part of their October group show as well.

Table #273B at APE.

I've lived in San Francisco for three weeks now. In those weeks I have spent a lot more time on rooftops than I am accustomed to.

Later gater,

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