Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank You, Pipettes...

...That song got me through a tough week.

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Wabbaloo said...

My family and I love the Pipettes. I've been playing their CD almost every chance I get - every song is great. I'm keeping my eyes open for their next appearance in the US.

My faves (meaning I can listen over and over and over again):

1. Because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)
2. Winter's Sky
3. One Night Stand
4. Pull Shapes

The thing with Pull Shapes is that it is kind of repetitive, leading to some folks to bag on it. But I think it's such a happy song, one you can just dance and dance to and forget about everything going on around you. It's essentially why I like their music: it's very uplifting and the girls sing very well.

Anyway, prob didn't want to hear all that from me, but just wanted to chat about the Pipettes. Take care!